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What is the role of marketing

Updated: Jun 18

Marketing plays a big role in business as it does not only function to promote products and services, but helps develop new products and services to meet customer needs and wants in a market.

Marketing plays a role to;

  1. Identify, satisfy and anticipate consumer needs and wants

  2. Developing customer loyalty to brand, building customer relationship

  3. Generating revenues and profits through increasing market share

While, their objective is to;

  1. Create awareness on product and brand

  2. Improve brand image of firm and product

  3. Help develop better design and quality of existing and new products

  4. Maintain and increase market share, sales and profits

  5. Expand and access new markets locally and abroad

  6. Develop customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases

Marketing activities are able to achieve their objectives through a marketing mix. They are;

  1. Product - designs product according to quality and expectations of target customers

  2. Price - determines price of product that customers can afford and are willing to buy

  3. Place of Sale/Business - decide on the best location most convenient to target customers

  4. Promotion - develop a campaign that would raise awareness and attract target customers to purchase product.

Marketing activities differs in every business depending if it is a market-oriented firm or product-oriented firm

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  1. Marketing Mix

  2. Branding

  3. Customer Loyalty

  4. Competition


  1. Identify two reasons why it is important for LBM to satisfy customer needs. (2 marks) Oct/Nov 2019/12

  2. Identify and explain two reasons why building good customer relationships is important (4 marks) May/June 2019/12

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