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External Influences on Business Activity

Image by Markus Spiske

6.1 Economic issues

  • What are the key economic objectives?

  • What is a business cycle?

  • What are the government policy instruments?

  • How does a change in government spending affect business activity?

  • How does a change in taxes effect business activity?

  • How does a change in interest rate effect business activity?

Image by Karsten Würth

6.2 Environmental and ethical issues

  • What are sustainable development practices?

  • What are external impacts of business activity?

  • What are actions of pressure group?

  • What are the legal controls, laws and regulation adopted by governments?

  • What are the ethical considerations in businesses?

Image by Kyle Glenn

6.3 Business and the international economy

  • What are the importances of globalization?

  • What are the opportunities for businesses with globalization and international trade?

  • What are the threats from globalization and trade?

  • What are trade barriers, their examples and consequences?

  • What is the role of multinational companies?

  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of multinationals to the economy?

  • What is the impact of exchange rates?

  • How does exchange rates affect international competitiveness of businesses?


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