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Operations Management

Image by Davy De Groote

4.1 Production of goods and services

  • What is the importance of productivity and efficiency?

  • How to measure productivity?

  • How to improve efficiency in production?

  • What is the importance of inventory management?

  • What are lean production practices?

  • What are the methods of production?

  • How does technology influence production

Image by Giorgio Tomassetti

4.2 Costs, scale of production and break-even analysis

  • How to develop a breakeven analysis?

  • Why do businesses increase the scale of production?

Image by sloth x bear

4.3 Achieving quality production

  • What is the importance of quality?

  • What is the difference between quality control, assurance and TQM? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Image by Tyler Casey

4.4 Location decisions

  • What are the factors influencing location decisions?

  • What to consider when choosing location?

  • How does government influence location decisions?


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