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Financial Information and Decisions

Image by Cory Woodward

5.1 Business finance: needs and sources

  • Why do business need capital?

  • What are the duration of financing needs?

  • What are the main sources of capital?

  • How to choose methods of finance?

Image by Markus Spiske

5.2 Cash-flow forecasting and working capital

  • What are the importances of cash in business?

  • What are examples of cash inflows and cash outflows?

  • How to prepare cash flow forecasting?

  • What would cause a firm to run short of cashflow?

  • How to overcome a short of cashflow?

  • What are the importances of working capital?

Image by Lukas Blazek

5.3 Income statements

  • What is the importance of income statement?

  • What are the components of a balance sheet?

  • How to use the income statement?

  • What to do to increase gross profit? And increase profit?


5.4 Statement of financial position

  • How to prepare the balance sheet?

  • What are the important components in the balance sheet?

  • How to balance the balance sheet?

Image by Luke Chesser

5.5 Analysis of accounts

  • What are performance and liquidity ratios?

  • What are the uses of financial statements?

  • What are the limitations of accounts and accounting ratios?


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