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3.1 Marketing, competition and the customer

  • What is the purpose of marketing activity?

  • What are the objectives of marketing?

  • What are the four marketing mix?

  • What is niche and mass marketing? Advantages and disadvantages?

  • What factors influences market trends?

  • What factors influences short-term and long-term spending patterns?

  • Why do businesses compete?

  • What do they compete on?

  • How do you segment markets?

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3.2 Market research

  • What are the two types of business orientation?

  • What are the different market research approachs?

  • What are the methods of market research?

  • What could cause inaccuracy in market research results?

Image by Carlos Muza

3.3 Marketing mix

  • What is the process of product development?

  • What is the importance of branding, image and customer loyalty?

  • What is the stages of product life cycle analysis?

  • What is the different pricing strategies?

  • What are the different distribution channels?

  • What are the different promotional methods?

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce to consumers and businesses?

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using social media?

Image by Campaign Creators

3.4 Marketing strategy

  • What are the objectives of marketing strategy?

  • What are the legal controls on Marketing? And their importance?

  • What are the opportunities and challenges in entering new markets abroad?

  • How to overcome challenges access markets abroad?


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