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Is part-time employment better than full-time employment

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

It depends on individual business needs

Benefits and limitations of full-time employment

To employers

  1. Employees are always available to work as they work full day hours. However, employers will have to pay overtime wage rates, which are higher should they want employees to work extra hours or during weekends.

  2. Able to focus on improving productivity as there have no other jobs.

  3. Employer may not need to be around all the time as they are able to delegate task as employees are more familiar with day-to-day business activities.

  4. It may be costlier to employers as they may have to pay fringe benefits such as medical insurances, sick leaves and etc.

To employees

  1. Job security as employees will be protected by more stringent employment regulations. However, employees will have to work full-days and may not be able to spend more time with family, leisure activities or other jobs.

  2. Full-time employment usually comes with fringe benefits such as medical insurances and sick leaves, but may be required to work extra hours if required.

  3. Promotion opportunities.

  4. Personal development as employers are more likely to send employees to training.

Benefits and limitations of part-time employment

To employers

  1. Less cost as employees are only paid when they work. Employers do not need to provide fringe benefits as well. However, employees are not available all the time as they are able to choose to work on not.

  2. May be able to hire more employees to work when there is higher demand. Employees can work longer hours.

  3. May not be skilled, as such there may be higher cost as more employees may need to be trained like full-time employees.

  4. Communication issues may arise as workers work at different times may not be informed of important business decisions.

To employees

  1. Flexi-hours enable employees to prioritise their time on other activities or home caregiving.

  2. No job security and fix income as they are only paid when they work. As such, they will not get paid if they are sick, or when there is no work available.


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