What can you do with a paid plan with IGBizStudies?

Updated: Feb 1

IGBizStudies aims to prepare IGCSE and O'Levels Business Studies candidates for their examination by providing the study resources they need.

With more than 320 topic past year exam practice questions, online tutorials and study resources to access, IGBiz aims to support students and tutors alike.

ALL topic questions can be accessed without any subscriptions. However, to keep track of your answers and grades, you can opt for a FREE & EASY Plan account.

What will you get with a FREE & EASY Plan account?

  1. Graded answers from online submission

  2. Share your answers with teachers and friends by email

However, if you subscribe to one of our plans, you will receive

  1. Comments on graded answers

  2. Access to a complimentary group online tutorials and webinars

  3. Unlimited access to notes and more than 200 past year exam question model answers with paid plans

  4. Exam answering strategies tutorials