What are the different types of promotion methods

Updated: Feb 21

There are above-the-line and below-the-line promotions

Above-the-line Promotion

Above-the-line promotion uses newspapers, radio, television as advertising media, as they reach out to all segments of the general population. The main types of advertising are informative and persuasive advertising. Informative advertising focuses on providing information of the product and its benefit, while persuasive advertising targets a specific market segments to purchase the product with attractive messages and images, encouraging impulse buying.

Below-the-line Promotion

Below-the-line Promotion is directed to a very targeted customers that makes purchasing decisions using a "pull" strategy. They usually complement above-the-line promotions. They use

  1. Publicity

  2. Sales literature - booklets, handouts, posters, brochure

  3. Signage - on business premise

  4. Product endorsements - by social media influencers and celebrities

  5. Product placements - a demonstration of the product in movies or television programmes

  6. Trade shows - live demonstration event to attract individual and business customers

  7. Public Relations

  8. Sponsorship - involves funding a sports or charity event

  9. Donations and fundraising - promoting a social cause through donation, part of a firm's corporate social responsibility (CSR)

  10. Press releases - to clarify or provide explanation on certain business decisions effecting the public

  11. Point-of-Sale (POS) promotion - product display at convenient location, such as the check-out counter

  12. Sales Incentives