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What are cash-flow problems and how to improve cash-flow

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Cash-flow problems can be solved with proper cash-flow forecast

Possible cash-flow problems could arise from;

  1. Excess inventory on materials and finished stocks

  2. Overspending on non-current assets

  3. Too much borrowing

  4. Incurring too many expenses from expanding too quickly

  5. Poor repayment collection (from debtors)

  6. Inflation

  7. Inconsistent cash sales revenue

A business can improve cash-flow when it

  1. Increase finances through debt

  2. Delay repayment to suppliers (creditors)

  3. Increase debt collection activities (from debtors)

  4. Reviewing trade credit agreement to reduce repayment period of debtors


  1. Debt

  2. Trade credit

  3. Debtors

  4. Expanses

  5. Growth


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