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How to increase job satisfaction

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Job satisfaction can be increased through;

  1. Job enlargement - employer increases the variety of work and task

  2. Job rotation - switching jobs and task periodically with other employees

  3. Job enrichment - increasing responsibility of existing job role

  4. Team working - groups of employees working in teams to complete work task

Job Enlargement

Through job enlargement, employees will not get bored from a repetitive task, and able to try new task that require similar skills. This would increase productivity and may open up opportunities for the employee to change roles in the future.

Job rotation

Job rotation will ensure that employees do not get bored from a routine task. Taking another job role will also ensure that services will not be disrupted if an existing employee leaves their job or are ill, as other employees are already familiar with their role and could take over.

Job enrichment

Job enrichment increases the responsibility of employees existing job role, and gives them an opportunity to increase their skills. This would help prepare them for an opportunity for a promotion, while increasing productivity. However, it may also require high cost as training may be required.

Team working

Team working will ensure that employees get to share responsibility and support from their colleagues in planning, decision-making, task and idea sharing. This would help motivate employees to overcome challenges that they may not be able individually.


  1. Motivation


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