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What is motivation and why it is important

Updated: Jun 18

Motivation is a desire by employees to work hard and do a good job. Motivation of employees are very important to businesses as it can determine the productivity of a firm, which can either increase profits or otherwise – a key business objective.

Employees are a key business stakeholder to a firm. As such they are important to a firm as they are factors of production (labour) that enables the production of goods and services.

A motivated employee usually have high job satisfaction, as such, there will share ideas, be more productive, reduce absentee and strive to be efficient to ensure quality services provided to satisfy the needs and wants of customers. This will develop and maintain customer loyalty and improve reputation, that will result in repeat purchase by customers.

The understanding of motivation was developed from the various motivation theories. Among them are;

  1. Taylor's principles of scientific management

  2. Maslow's hierarchy of needs

  3. Herzberg's motivators and hygiene factors

  4. McGregor's X and Y theory


  1. Job Satisfaction

  2. Productivity

  3. Efficiency

  4. Business Stakeholder


  1. What is meant by motivation (2 marks) Feb/March 2018/12

  2. Identify and explain two ways well-motivated employees can help your business achieve success (4 marks) Oct/Nov 2018/11

  3. Identify and explain two ways Maslow's hierarchy of needs can motivate employees (6 marks) May/June 2019/13

How is motivation related to the relevant concepts? Comment to discuss.

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