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What are the methods of communication

Updated: Jun 18

Methods of communication can be in the form of verbal, written or visual

Examples of verbal communications are;

  1. Face-to-Face / One-to-one meetings

  2. Business Meetings

  3. Telephone conversation or teleconferencing

  4. Video conferencing

Written communications are;

  1. Letters or Memos

  2. Reports

  3. Meeting minutes

  4. Emails and text messages

  5. Faxes

  6. Press release

Visual communications involve;

  1. Posters

  2. Videos

  3. Charts or diagrams

  4. Images

  5. Slide presentations


  1. Effective Communication


  1. Identify and explain two suitable methods of communication SWQ might use with manufacturers in country C if it decided to purchase supplies from them. (6 marks) May/June 2019/13

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