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How do I score a knowledge, application, analysis and evaluation marks?

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

As simple as asking WHAT, WHY and HOW

  1. WHAT (or WHICH or WHO) are the business key terms, concepts, conventions, roles, functions, theories and techniques? (knowledge)

  2. WHY is the action/suggestion advantageous, disadvantageous, important or a problem? (analysis)

  3. HOW (or WHEN) does it affect the stakeholders, revenue, cost, market share and profit? (application/evaluation)

Assessment objectives as outlined by CAIE

AO1 - Knowledge and Understanding - demonstrate knowledge and understanding of facts, terms, concepts, conventions, theories and techniques commonly applied to or used as part of business behavior.
AO2 - Application - apply knowledge and understanding of facts, terms, concepts, conventions, theories and techniques
AO3 - Analysis - distinguish between evidence and opinion in a business context and order, analyze and interpret information in narrative, numerical and graphical forms, using appropriate techniques
AO4 Evaluation - present reasoned explanations, develop arguments, understand implications and draw inferences and make judgements, recommendations and decisions.


Stakeholder Group 1: GXC Employees

Explanation: The employees of GXC would be directly effected should GXC invest in the new machinery, as it would take over 100 of GXC's employees job, making them redundant. These employees may have to find another job.

Stakeholder Group 2: GXC owners

Explanation: Investing in new machinery may increase production of car components but may incur additional cost. The capital may be funded by retained profits. This may reduce the profit distributed to GXC's owners.

WHO are the stakeholders?

(1) GXC Employees (knowledge)

(2) GXC Owners (knowledge)

WHY are GXC employees and shareholders/owners effected?

(1) New machinery will take over 100 of GXC's jobs (interpret information),

(2) New machinery may require additional capital to purchase machine (interpret information)

HOW are GXC employees and shareholders/owners effected?

(1) This would make 100 employees redundant (understanding of facts) and force them to look for a new job (inference)

(2) Additional cost may be required purchasing machine (understanding of facts) may reduce profit for owners (inference).

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