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IGBizStudies: How to subscribe a plan

You can choose a FREE & EASY Plan, Plan A, B, C or a Final Push Plan. Find out how each plan can help you achieve your grade.

You can subscribe when you Sign-Up directly or choose a plan from Plans and Pricing.

Choosing a FREE & EASY Plan does not require any credit card, while all other transactions would be by PayPal

1. Selecting a Plan

2. Checkout

3. Sign Up - Please provide a valid email address as you will be receiving emails from us.

Click "Got It" to return to homepage

4. Login to access your topic past year exam questions.

Your Membership Subscription Homepage

Please email or chat with us if you need any assistance :). Check out how you can keep track on all your past year exam answers and share it with your friends and teachers.

Join our FREE Udemy Course HERE and learn how to score your BEST GRADE in 45-minutes. Course includes how to score in all 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12-mark questions.

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