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Did You Regret Taking IGCSE Business Studies?

Recently, I was able to interview my student, Ellyn from class of 2020 (Year 11) to find out how was her experience in studying IGCSE Business Studies for the past two years. This was what she had to say....

" My journey in business was not as rough and rocky as I had predicted. Ms. Samantha had a very interesting, efficient method of teaching that was completely new but not unpleasant. Personally, I really enjoyed her lessons and was able to grasp Business concepts quickly. Even if sometimes we were confused or did not understand, she would find another method to explain to us. I really love that about her. In conclusion, I really enjoyed studying business because the teacher was so lovable. No kidding, sometimes the subject becomes more fun because of the teacher."

1. Did you have a hard time in choosing subjects for Year 10 right after Year 9?

Not really, I just took the subjects that I liked and the subjects that I do better. However, by choosing subjects this way, I may neglect certain subjects that I may need for my future courses in college. So, I did have a pretty tough time battling with myself, if I should take certain subjects that teachers and others advised me to - like science and additional mathematics. But in the end, thanks to the reassurance of my classmates and parents, those doubts faded and all went well.

2. How did you choose your Year 10 subjects?

I chose my subjects based on the ones I excelled or received acceptable grades (A*, A, B). I also chose subjects that I enjoyed and dropped those that I did not enjoy learning. I did not follow any of my friends in choosing subjects, because it would mean nothing if I could be in the same class with them but struggle to keep up with my grades. My parents also did not really influence me into taking any subjects, but they did provide me with some advice.

3. Why did you choose IGCSE Business Studies?

I chose Business Studies because I had an interest in understanding or studying about business. Also, I chose Business in order to have extra knowledge out of the books unlike science.

4. What have you learned from this subject?

I felt more confident as I am able to discuss with adults (hahaha) about some topics regarding Business.

5. Do you think this subject is useful for your future? Why?

Definitely this subject has expanded my knowledge, and I am grateful for it as now, I can also share this knowledge and probably use it in the future. Not only that but having the extra knowledge have also boosted my confidence in having a wider perspective on how business work and why they make certain decisions.

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