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4 Reasons why you should study Business?

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Post Covid-19 has changed most of our skill sets. During this pandemic, it has made me to realize some important skills such as "Changes", "Adaptability", "Creativity" and "Survival". Throughout my teaching career for more than 10 years, I would strongly testify that my IT skills have been greatly improved because of this pandemic. ' Thanks to Covid-19!'...anyhow, we should always look at the positive side of the crisis too.

Let's look at some of the reasons why you should study Business:

1 Gaining knowledge

We live in a time when information is everything. When we have prior knowledge about a topic, we can understand better. But, what is the use of the information if you cannot make sense of it? With terms like GDP, R.O.C.E, Economic boom, Slump and others will always appear in the news and on websites. Therefore, in order to survive in today's world, we must understand the basic business concepts and speak the language.

2 Analyzing different situations

Analytical skills refer to the ability to collect and analyze the information. By learning business, you will encounter different situations, thus it is important to be able to analyze the pros and cons of different choices you have. This will enhance your critical thinking skills which I found out that most of us are lacking of it nowadays.

3 Making good judgements or decisions

When you have good analytical skills, wise decisions can be made easily. Although sometimes you may not have the best answer, but at least a solution most people embrace. Entrepreneurs and employers are looking for this type of people working

with them.

4 Understand current business issues

By learning business, you are not necessary will become a businessman, but at least you understand what is happening in the world. Studying current events will help you understand the importance of people and events, thus stimulate your curiosity to explore and learn more about the current business issues.

So let's make this 2021 resolution to learn something about business. Who knows, maybe you will be one of the Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs in Forbes List in the future. Enjoy learning Business!

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