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What is quality control, quality assurance and total quality management

Updated: Jun 18

They are practices that ensures the quality of product.

Quality Control

Quality control removes defective output at the end of the production process, right before it is shipped out to retailers or customers

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance test for defect at every stage of production process to ensure that quality standards are consistently met to minimize waste from defects in end product.

Total Quality Management

Total quality management focuses on ensuring zero defects at every stage of production process through continuous improvement at all aspect of production and service.


  1. Cost


  1. Explain, with reference to a firm, the difference between quality assurance and quality control. (4 marks) Oct/Nov 2018/11

  2. What is meant by ‘quality control’? (2 marks) May/June 2019/13

  3. Outline two ways a firm could try to ensure quality production. (4 marks) May/June 2020/12


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