What are industrial structures?

Updated: Feb 21

Industrial structures are determined by the different sizes of the industrial sectors in the national economy.

There are generally three industrial structures in the world economy - (1) Developed economy, (2) Developing economy and (3) Less/least-developed economy. These three industrial structure have some distinct differences in terms of the size of their different industrial sectors in their national economy.

Developed economies tend to have larger tertiary sectors relative to the secondary and primary sector. While developing economies will have a larger secondary sector compared to primary and tertiary. Primary sector would most likely dominate the less/least-developed economy.

Why do developed economies have larger tertiary sectors relative to the other two sectors? Comment post to answer.


  1. Primary Sector

  2. Secondary Sector

  3. Tertiary Sector

  4. Developed Economy

  5. Developing Economy

  6. Less-Developed Economy


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