Private Sector vs. Public Sector

Updated: Feb 21

What is a private sector?

What is a public sector?

Private sector are a sector of the economy where businesses are owned by private individuals or organisations, as such they aim to maximize their profit.

While, the public sector are made up of organisations owned by the government setup to provide services to the public. As such, their objective is to fulfil the welfare needs of its citizens and the general public.

However, not all economies have public and private sectors. A planned economy such as those in North Korea would only have a public sector or a very small private sector. On the other hand, a predominant market economy like the United States of America would have a very small public sector. A mixed economy would be a country which have a significant size of both public sector and private sector, such as Singapore.


Don't be mistaken between public corporations and public companies. Public companies are what is better known as public-listed companies, which have their shares openly traded in a stock exchange. Public corporations are government owned, setup to provide government services.


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